Back to the Vara

Back to the Vara
Back to the Vara

It’s the news you’ve all been waiting for! The sequel announcement for Eden at the Edge of Midnight.

Back to the Vara – The second book in the Vara Volumes series.

We have a cover image too. Illustrated by the magnificent Maxime Desmettre and titled by world renowned and equally magnificent The Designers Republic (TDR).

Current release is scheduled for the 21st of October 2015.

And if you happened to be interested in what it’s about, there’s a short teaser / blurb below.

Back to the Vara

Two years have passed since Sammy returned from Perseopia.

She was gone less than a week, yet she came back changed.

Something inside her has awoken. She can sense people’s intentions, is able to affect objects with her mind. And there’s no one she can talk to about it.

Her mother won’t acknowledge her made-up fantasy stories and Esther, the old market woman, never returned for the bracelet.

Sammy needs answers and her only hope for them lies back in Perseopia.

Journey back to the vara with Sammy Ellis as she’s once again thrust into the Fungi Forest to fend for herself. Discover the events that led up to her first visit and learn of the fallout she created in her wake.

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