Eden – Free on Screwpulp

eBook free on Screwpulp

The ebook editions of Eden at the Edge of Midnight are currently free on the Screwpulp marketplace. That’s the .mobi (Kindle), epub and PDF versions of the book.

To get your free copy you’ll need to register on the website and mention the book on social media.


What is Screwpulp?

Screwpulp is a new ebook marketplace that initially offers ebooks for free in exchange for mentions on social media. The idea is that, as an author, you trade your book for publicity and hopefully gain new readers. If people like your book they’ll rate it highly and spread the word on the interwebs.

The books on the site start off free and after a number of downloads and ratings they increment up in $1 amounts as the users of the site promote them. It’s an exciting premise and one that I can’t wait to follow to see how it works out.

So that’s Screwpulp. Better hurry and get your free copy of Eden at the Edge of Midnight quickly before it increases in price one to a whopping whole dollar!

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