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No. He was going soft in the head. He was becoming like his parents. He’d end up travelling to the temple every evening to pray to ‘the great Ahura Mazda’ like they did. The story about coming from the Mother World had been made up. Something had happened to Sammy’s parents, something traumatic. The story was her way of dealing with it. She’d convinced herself it had really happened and blocked out the real events. The poor child had probably been through hell. When they arrived at Honton Keep he’d drop her off… somewhere. He didn’t know where yet. She’d be okay and she’d forget all about him and his silly quest. Then he could continue on his journey alone. Except he didn’t want to carry on alone; he missed having someone around. He missed Gisouie; missed her so much that his heart ached for her. Sammy was alone and needed someone to look after her. Gisouie wasn’t around, and although he hadn’t forgotten his duties as a husband, this girl needed him too. He would take her with him, but that was all. She needed him. And for the moment he needed her too.


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