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Another squeak. Was it really a girl? Sammy tried to move but her legs had set like quick-drying airfix glue. There was a thud, followed by a yelp. And silence.

She waited. Was that really a girl or a second animal? It had sounded like a girl at first, but now that she thought about it, it had been kind of muffled. And why had her legs failed her? She was hard, like her old man. She could still walk over there now if she wanted to. Check it out. Nothing was stopping her. Except there was that wild animal that had made the noise. Not investigating wasn’t cowardly, it was sensible. It could’ve been a bear. Her dad was tough but he wouldn’t fight a bear. That would be stupid. A bear attacking a giant mushroom-eating mouse. That’s probably what’d made the squeak.

She considered her options and decided she was going to start walking in the opposite direction to the growling. Away from the bear. That was definitely the right decision. Hopefully if anyone came looking for her then they’d come to the same sensible conclusion and walk in the same direction too.

She set off at a brisk pace. No point hanging around.


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Back to the Vara

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