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“What woman?” Her mum lowered the bracelet. “Who does this belong to?”

“A friend. I’m looking after it… for a friend.”

“I thought you said a woman?”

“A friend’s mum,” Sammy said. “She’s a woman. Please. It’s important.”

Her mum bent forward, held Sammy’s arms by their sides and stared into her eyes. “This looks like a very expensive piece. Think how you’d feel if you lost something of yours and someone else walked off with it.”

Frustration filled Sammy’s cheeks. “Stop treating me like a baby! I promise, Mum. I honestly promise I haven’t nicked it. I’m looking after it.”

Her mum squinted, peering deeply into her. “Okay honey, I trust you. We’ll take it home, but promise to get your friend’s mother to come over for it.”

Sammy scanned the vicinity around them. She couldn’t see Esther or the man in black.

“Okay,” she said. “But can you put it back in the bag? Please?”


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