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Alone in the dark, Sammy went along the hall to the study. There were no curtains in the window and light poured in from the off licence next door. The desk was covered in paperwork and the futon against the back wall was covered in laundry. Sammy set about clearing the clothes and setting up her bed. Two hours later she was still awake, staring at the ceiling.

A group of students were outside the window, passing around a cheap bottle of vodka. Whooping loudly, they kept repeating the same joke over and over. Sammy hadn’t thought it was particularly funny the first time they told it, and it got less funny as the minutes went by.

As she watched a spider slowly make its way across the ceiling, there was a smash outside. Sammy sat up and peered over the sill. The bottle of vodka was on the floor in pieces, and two of the students were drunkenly fighting. They grappled with each other throwing lazy punches that didn’t connect properly.

Sammy got out of bed and tidied away the futon. Five minutes later she was dressed and quietly pulling the front door closed so she wouldn’t wake anyone.


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Back to the Vara

Back to the Vara

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