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“Didn’t anyone try to stop him?”

“Razin had command of the Sultan’s armies. Some resisted, but not many. Those that did were severely punished. But the people didn’t give up. Small rebel groups formed, skirmishes broke out and small battles raged for years. Finally one group began to emerge from the others, a group that grew rapidly, and soon became large enough to pose a threat to Razin’s men. That group was the Association of Blue Robes. They unified the other rebel groups and began plotting to overthrow Razin. Now, one of those rebel groups was the Order of the Black Fist, run by the sorcerer Achaemen Mantis. The Order was more cult than rebel group, but Mantis possessed detailed plans of the Sultan’s palace so they were enlisted. With Mantis and the Order of the Black Fist on board, the Association hatched a plan to gain access to the palace, rescue the Sultan and return power to the throne.”


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Back to the Vara

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