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“I want to know everything the brotherhood does about the event that’s coming.”

Behnam choked. “An event?”

“Come now Behnam, you must know what’s coming.”

Behnam tried to think, but became distracted. Something pulled at his thoughts, his consciousness drifted out of focus. Past memories and visions rushed through his head, appearing and then vanishing like the pages of a book flicked through at speed.

“Stop!” he cried out.

The sensation stopped. He dropped his head to his chest and gasped for breath. He was weak, but not yet weak enough to give up the contents of his mind.

“You really don’t know anything,” the voice said sounding surprised. “I’ll be back in three days time. You’ll know what I’m talking about then. And perhaps your opinion will be of more use to me.”

“Why are you keeping me here?” Behnam asked. He took a deep breath and tried to slow his heart. “You know my kidnapping will bring unwanted attention to you. If my brothers find out I’m still alive they’ll come for me. You should have killed me already.”

“They will come,” replied the voice. “But I fear someone far more dangerous to me is on their way.”


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